June 2017 | Urban Agriculture Automated Aeroponics Startup

About Uproot

We are Uproot, a budding group of vertical farm enthusiasts with a dream of helping New Zealand take a step forward into the future of agriculture. Our team consists of 5 university students with very little horticultural experience, but enough concern for the degradation of our environment to do something about it and build a business to take farms out of the country and into the city, helping make New Zealand’s future as a leader in agriculture technology a reality.

In this 12 week project I helped in creating a prototype of an aeroponics based farm intended for urban environments. The self contained unit features various sensors which connect to a web server for remote checkup and monitoring. The system features a reservoir below rows of plants, which feed nutrient rich water to the plants above through a system of pipes.


I used an Arduino web server to host the dashboard interface. The project was designed to be shown in a public setting so this was the best option, being relatively quick to setup and allowing multiple users to view the local server from their own devices, creating a more intimate experience. I used WebServer as a starting point and was assisted in the interface design by Matvey Tarchutkin