Twitter Dress

September 2016 | E-Textile Arduino/Linux, Neopixels


In a student lead team, a custom designed e-textile dress was made which would "twinkle" with built in LED's whenever the hashtag for the event was used on Twitter.

The Twitter dress uses an Arduino Yun, connected to the Twitter API through some Python and Tweepy library to control 50 Neopixel LEDs

In this project I managed the hardware design and connection to the Twitter API through Python.

After wearing standout dresses for the last two AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards that featured interactive combinations of technology and fashion, this year Sarah Trotman is back in a new wearable-tech number with a twist.

Following her previous recycled dresses that utilised mood-sensing and augmented reality technology, this year’s team from AUT’s Colab envisioned a dress for Sarah that invited multiple interactions during the night through the use of social media most used by businesses. Hence, New Zealand’s first Twitter dress was born.

Incorporating NeoPixel LEDs throughout the dress using innovative textile-based circuitry, Arduino computing and clever seam-work, the dress comes to life whenever the hashtag “#BCT16 is mentioned on Twitter. Giving the audience the chance to activate and reveal the true display of the dress.

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